Driven by innovation and evolution, Lopigom has been developing and producing technical plastic items for over ten years, offering products often complementary to its rubber productions.
Plastic items are used in a wide range of sectors, in both industrial and civil applications, including in the electro-medical and construction fields, as well as the automotive one, where plastic is offered as an alternative to metal.

The manufacturing department dedicated to plastics is also constantly supported by our technicians, who cooperate with our customers to find the best solutions for any application.

Custom-made technical plastic items

We listen to our customers

Lopigom's technical experts work with the customer to meet every request and create the ideal solutions that meet all the requirements without compromise.


Before manufacturing, the Company creates a prototype to review for possible changes starting from the technical drawing provided by the customer. Technology allows us to create faithful replicas of plastic items by using 3D printers.


Thanks to important collaborations and know-how gained over the years, the Company takes advantage of special molds that allow the manufacturing of every component quickly to guarantee fast delivery of plastic products to the customer.

Why choose plastic?

With plastic technical items, it is possible to develop innovative solutions from single-component thermoplastic products for any use to highly advanced items used to replace metal components.

Plastics provide high flexibility or excellent toughness, depending on the type.
This example highlights the remarkable adaptability of plastic materials and their consequent use in any sector.

Our professionals may provide you with specific recommendations on choosing or implementing an optimal plastic product that can meet your specific needs.