At Lopigom, we recognize the importance of solid and transparent governance to ensure long-term success and stakeholder trust.

Transparency is at the core of our operations: we are committed to providing clear and accurate information about business decisions and performance, promoting accountability at all levels.

We adopt strict ethical standards to guide our business decisions-our leadership promote an environment where integrity and honesty are non-negotiable values.

Code of Ethics

Powered by the principles of social responsibility and sustainability, our Code of Ethics is a dynamic document that evolves as ethical challenges change in the business landscape, ensuring an ongoing commitment to ethical behavior in every aspect of our business.

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Our whistleblowing policy promotes collective responsibility and helps us maintain a high standard of business integrity. All allegations are treated confidentially and handled promptly and fairly.

We provide secure and confidential channels through which employees can report misconduct or violations of business ethics without fear of retaliation.

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