Here at Lopigom, we design and manufacture quality O-rings, seals, and technical items with the utmost precision and reliability. Since 1979, we have been operating in the national and international markets of rubber moulding and plastic processing. We manufacture rubber, elastomer, thermoplastic, and bi-component items for more than two hundred customers operating in various sectors.

We manufacture rubber and plastic assemblies, rubber+plastic parts, rubber+metal composite parts, and we design o-rings and items using advanced bi-component techniques (plastic+plastic, plastic+thermoplastic, and plastic+lsr).

Most of our customers operate in the automotive, household appliance, hydraulics, gas, pneumatics, electronics, and aerospace fields. We are aware of our strengths, such as the winning combination of trained and motivated personnel and cutting-edge technologies in plastic and rubber moulding.
Our purpose is to fully support our customers, providing them with a highly qualified and professional service at any time.

Rubber and plastic processing with the utmost attention to research

Lopigom is ranked among the country’s best rubber processing and plastic moulding companies. We dedicate a significant portion of our work to research and development to produce innovative items and identify rubber processing and plastic and injection moulding processes that are at the forefront and capable of meeting any specific need of our customers. At Lopigom we work as a team, both in-house and with our clients.

Our engineers follow the progress of each project in all its stages, constantly searching for the best solution for plastic and rubber moulding and injection. Furthermore, everyone can rely on our efficient and responsive customer service.

Over the years, we have been expanding our facilities, increasing our production capacity, and expanding the lines of products offered.


Rubber and plastic - all the materials we use

Rubber Compounds

With our long-standing partners specialized in producing rubber compounds, we manufacture gaskets in all types of rubber compounds.

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Plastic raw materials

Thanks to our new plastic moulding department, we can now provide a more comprehensive range of products: single components in plastic and thermoplastic polymers and much more. Browse all the plastics we process.

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Approved compounds

We use approved compounds for moulding rubber and plastics and producing our products. Learn more about these types of compounds and their manufacturing process.

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In addition to dealing with rubber and plastic moulding according to specific customer needs, we offer a wide range of ready-made products.
Visit our online store to purchase o-rings and seals directly from our stock.

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