Thanks to continuous research and progress in the development of new technologies, Lopigom also specialises in the production of advanced solutions to meet the most ambitious demands.
A wide range of products is available for all kinds of applications, complying with international industry standards for water, food or industrial fluid-grade applications.

Advanced solutions include two-component injection, rubber-plastic-metal over-moulding and advanced LSR production processes.
The latest addition to Lopigom’s advanced solutions are the AFTERMARKET KITS, covering a variety of uses.

Satisfying every demand is a challenge; the company’s aim is to meet this challenge by developing increasingly competitive solutions.

Advanced solutions to meet every need.

Two-component products

The result of developing a two-component product is a finished product consisting of two inseparable parts characterised by advanced technical and functional performance.


Through over-moulding, it is possible to obtain a product that retains the mechanical characteristics of several components while having a remarkable price/quality ratio.


The production of advanced LSR solutions reduces the costs of all production steps by achieving excellent performance even for small moulded parts.

Lopigom professionals will be able to provide you with specific guidance in choosing or implementing your customised advanced solution to meet your particular needs.