Features and applications

Insert molding is a multi-step injection moulding process in which two or more components are moulded on top of each other. This process is also called co-moulding.

Insert molding is commonly used to produce technical items with rigid metal or plastic load-bearing parts and a rubber elastic part with sealing functions.

The main uses of these items are in the automotive, plumbing and health sectors.

Insert molding advantages

The mechanical properties of two or more components are preserved

Assembly labor time is reduced

Lopigom uses qualified suppliers that offer support in washing, phosphating, and treating the metal inserts on which the rubber must be housed.

Only strong know-how allows the successful production of this type of composite product.

Are you interested in replacing one of your assembled products with a co-moulded product? Our technical department for advanced solutions is ready to assist you with an analysis and its design services.