Corporate Reality

Since 1979, Lopigom has been developing and manufacturing customised elastomer, plastic and two-component solutions to meet all requirements. Right from the very beginning, Lopigom has been oriented towards progress by developing the most advanced design techniques to date for a wide range of applications by investing in the best technology and personnel training courses.

The last decade has been extremely enlightening for Lopigom, which has gone from working with distributors to working directly with OEMs and major direct customers in a variety of sectors, ranging between the automotive world and the healthy distribution of drinking water in homes. The experience gained by collaborating with prestigious groups enables us to maintain the high quality standards of the services provided, such as the newly-renovated Research and Development alongside customer support provided during every phase of the project.

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Foundation of Lopigom S.r.l.


Lopigom headquarters were moved to Credaro (Bergamo, Italy)


The Lochis brothers joined the company


Acquisition of the plant based in Foresto Sparso (Bergamo, Italy)


Evolution of the post-crisis business strategy


Inauguration of the plastics production plant


Company evolution in Lopigom S.p.A.


Complete renovation of Lopigom headquarters and opening of the new deburring and grinding plant


Acquisition of a warehouse in Mexico