Custom sealing gaskets

Lopigom manufactures customised solutions in rubber in accordance with specific customer requirements after analysing drawings and defining all application aspects of the product.

Flat washers with either a rectangular or square cross-section for tap fittings, Leak rings to ensure the watertightness of press fittings, X-Rings, Quad Rings and D-Rings for oil-hydraulic systems, V-Rings, single or double-lip gaskets to ensure the watertightness of household appliance pumps, intake manifold frames, filters, air conditioning systems, heat exchangers and spare parts for motors and battery packs are just some of the practical solutions that Lopigom produces.

Design optimisation, painstaking attention paid to surface finish and mould closure lines are of paramount importance to ensure high performance in every application.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) supports product definition and rapid prototyping provides the opportunity to test Lopigom seals in a short timeframe.

Last but not least, production process know-how enables customised products to excel in the mechanical characteristics of residual compressive strain, elongation and elasticity.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the manufacturing of these products, Lopigom also supplies a number of standard flat washer sizes that can be adapted to meet customer requirements even without the need for new moulds.
For further details, please contact your Lopigom representative.