Corporate Aim

Each project is unique, Lopigom provides a wide range of customised solutions to meet all requirements.


Identification of the best technologies for project development, from raw material to the inspection stages.


In-depth study of each request to ensure feasibility with regard to the customer's targets.


Each project is consistently monitored over time according to a precise improvement policy to increase its potential while maintaining performance in a technical and cost-effective manner.

Customised Projects

Each request is strategically examined to ensure that it is developed to its full potential.

  • Request analysis
  • Raw material research
  • Project definition
  • Development
  • ong-term supervision


A strategic development translates into an equally strategic realisation of the finished product.

  • Selection of the most competitive resources
  • Development process definition
  • Target verification
  • Direct support
  • Continuous Improvement

The best technology for the most advanced performance.

3D and 2D Design

2D and 3D design using the most functional software on the market with universal compatibility to achieve optimal collaboration.

2D and 3D Visualisation

Use of universal viewers to eliminate any compatibility problems and speed up communication with customers.

FEA Analysis

Through the latest versions of software such as SOLIDWORKS, the Research & Development team is able to carry out in-house FEA analyses.

Continuous Progress

The value of all projects is enhanced in order to optimise the pursuit of resources in the development of new requests and to gain from the experience by achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

Advanced Material Research

Lopigom continuously invests in the research and development of innovative, high-performance materials while keeping an eye on environmental protection and cost reduction.

This is achieved via the continuous updating of new market trends, recipes, substances by the R&D section by participating in material review committees, conferences about them and exchanging new ideas and improvements with raw material producers.

The know-how developed in this direction enables Lopigom to provide its customers with solutions that address all types of problems.