Drinking water

Lopigom guarantees the quality and safety of drinking water distribution through the manufacturing of products certified by the most important national and international bodies. (UBA, W270, EN681-1. WRAS, ACS, KIWA, NSF, BELGAQUE, ONORM, ASNZS 40 20 , DM 174)


The main examples for these applications are elastomer O-rings and washers for flow regulators, screws, mixer taps and aerators, alongside specific silicone gaskets for cartridges and shower heads.

Fittings and valves

Rubber gaskets as well as rubber-on-metal and rubber-on-plastic over-moulded items for ball valves and pressure regulators for water distribution purposes, gaskets for toilet flushing systems and underfloor heating.


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O-rings with a specially designed cross-section ideal for mounting in press fittings.