At Lopigom we offer sustainable and innovative solutions; our goal is to contribute to a decarbonised and digitalized economy, continuing our expansion as a strategic player in the rubber and plastics industry.

We are constantly aware of market evolution; acting and communicating in responsible and transparent way towards internal and external stakeholders.

Our path is characterized by a strong sustainable footprint; we have adopted various measures aimed at protecting the environment and reducing the impact of products and services during their life cycle; we have given attention and resources to energy-efficient production technologies and equipment, so as to have responsible energy management.

We have invested in the best technologies in order to reduce the margin of error in the
processes; with our Zero Defects policy we achieve high levels in terms of production performance. Effectiveness and efficiency are guaranteed by the main certifications in our possession.
Customer satisfaction is a fundamental element in our in our company philosophy; we guarantee quality and safety for the products we bring to the market, we are aware of customer requirements and industry standards.

Our vision and values have allowed us to set increasingly ambitious targets, reaching demanding customers and meeting new consumer sensitivities.

In the last years we have strengthened our commitment through projects and actions focused on technological innovation and increasing attention to the integration of sustainability and innovation in production processes.

We have taken a new path, which outlines our vocation in a concrete way, transformed into a strategy that allows us to contribute to the change.
We have voluntarily submitted ourselves to the ESG Assessment, an evaluation tool by which we measure our environmental, social and governance performance.

At the same time, through our actions, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Shared values:people, territory, community

Doing business sustainably is a shared vision that involves the entire organization; our mission is transmitted to all departments so that everyone is aware of how important it is to be active, aware and responsible players in the sustainable transition.

People are a resource we constantly invest in; we are committed to creating and maintaining a serene, fair, inclusive work environment in which we stimulate and support everyone’s know-how. We do this through training courses and moments of confrontation; we value merit with rewards, promotions, benefits.

Connecting with the community and the local area is an integral part of our growth, which is why we mainly turn to local suppliers for our activities who share the same values as we do and give great importance to environmental protection.

We have well-established roots; on these we have built and matured our ESG culture, aimed at creating a positive impact over time. We actively engage stakeholders, first and foremost employees, our most important capital, to identify their needs and expectations, and improve our performance.

The Sustainability Report is a mirror of our history, our commitment, and the social, environmental and governance responsibilities we resolutely pursue. We tell who we are, our evolution, future plans; our business model is naturally oriented towards inclusive and transparent involvement, aimed at creating and sharing value. We are always questioning ourselves, which is why this document is a lever for us to stimulate and confront, to continue our sustainable growth.

We have moved from small to big actions, with pride, dedication, passion, never losing sight of our values, focusing on short and long-term goals.

We act day by day,responsibly, for our future and that of the planet.

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Sustainability Report