Constant investment have been made in infrastructures, research and resource growth.

The Lopigom 4.0 project is now in full swing; Artificial Intelligence has been strategically harnessed to support skills in order to provide increasingly high-satisfaction services.

Working responsibly while taking care of people’s health, safety and growth is what all choices have been based on.

The company’s aim is to always be a global partner to its customers, providing a dynamic service and products with excellent value for money.

Long-term customer relations constantly pursuing the customer’s interest as its ultimate goal.

To support its partners, Lopigom believes there is only one direction to take: hard work dedicated to the continuous improvement of the product, the working environment and the production process.

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The Lopigom Philosophy

Continuity, service and planning


All efforts are directed towards continuous improvement of products, services, processes and distribution.


The customer is put at the centre of every project phase, from the choice of raw materials to the after-sales phase.


Vision aimed at confidence towards the future, each experience is unique in order to improve the next.

To support its partners, Lopigom sees only one way forward: hard work devoted to the continuous improvement of the product, working environment and production process.