Lopigom operates in the Mobility sector by manufacturing original equipment and aftermarket products for endothermic, hybrid and electric powered cars and motorbikes as well as for road freight vehicles, HGVs, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, bicycles, rail vehicles, helicopters and aircraft.

As an IATF and EN9100 (Aerospace & defence) certified company and a Tier 1 manufacturer, it provides type-approved solutions according to the specifications of leading car and motorbike manufacturers.


Rubber gaskets for fuel and distribution systems, diaphragms for emission control systems, rubber O-rings and dispensers for lubrication systems, gaskets for filtration systems as well as oil and water pumps, rubber parts over-moulded onto metal for brakes.

Interior & Exterior Items

Rubber, plastic and thermoplastic elastomer items for use both on the inside and outside of vehicles.
Items for seats, cockpits, doors, handles and even antenna gaskets and plastic components for loudspeaker systems.


O-rings and gaskets for thermal management systems: in cooling and air conditioning systems Rubber gaskets for radiators, valves and coolant flow control components.

Electronics & Lighting

Rubber grommets for wiring purposes and various kinds of feed-through devices, but above all gaskets to support electronic safety systems and silicone collars for light bulbs and lighting systems.

EV Application

Large rubber frames for the sealing of battery undercarriages, heat sink gaskets, cooling system gaskets.