Features and applications

Two-shot injection moulding is a more advanced technology for producing two-component items, also called bi-component.

By using special high-tech equipment, Lopigom’s experts can produce bi-component items mainly of two types: Thermoplastic with Thermoplastic and Thermoplastic with LSR.

The manufacturing process begins with a careful analysis of the chemical nature of the two components to be co-injected and is followed by careful printing processes. The result is a finished product consisting of two mutually inseparable parts.

Two-shot injection moulding allows combining different materials or colors to produce a finished high-quality bi-component plastic product.

Two-shot injection moulding improves products in several fields

Technical and functional improvement of products

Design improvement

Production automation to make it more profitable and cost-effective

Bi-component: production process

The modular system offered by the Lopigom machines allows configuring fully customized injection moulding technology ideally suited to each client’s specific needs.

Lopigom’s two-shot injection moulding is achieved using a single-nozzle press and two presses with two injection units.

As a result of this feature, a wide variety of choices can be ensured, depending on the mould used and the particular type of plastic or bi-component resin to be moulded.

From a bi-component for small-sized plastics up to large-volume items to meet all the end users’ needs, Lopigom offers a full range of two-shot injection moulding presses to ensure an optimal result for each specific situation and requirement.