Lopigom manufactures O-Rings with internal diameters from 1 mm up to 950 mm.

Lopigom owns more than 5,000 molds to produce rubber O-rings in all standard sizes (1.78 – 2.62 – 3.53 – 6.99) and all main O-rings used in taps and fittings applications.

All products are manufactured according to ISO3601.1-B, ISO3601.1-A, ISO3601.3-N, and ISO3601.3-S standards and the customer’s specific requirements (CSR).

As the main element in axial and radial seals, Lopigom O-Rings, due to a refined manufacturing process, guarantee high performance against compression stresses in Cylinders, Pistons, and Flanges.

Lopigom O-Rings are made from all elastomeric materials, in different colors, and with hardness ranging from 20SHA to 95 SHA.

Lopigom’s 40 years of experience led to a vast stock available for many standard-size o-rings.

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