PA – polyamide nylon, commonly known as PA nylon – is used by Lopigom to manufacture various items and components for multiple application sectors.

PA nylon is generally semi-crystalline thermoplastic with low density and high thermal stability. Polyamides are among the main and most useful technical thermoplastics due to their excellent wear resistance, good friction coefficient, and excellent temperature and impact properties.

Features and advantages of PA polyamide nylon

Chemical resistance

Oil resistance

Ideal for replacing metal in many applications


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PA Polyamide Nylon: its properties and applications

The properties of PA nylon range from hard and tough PA 66 to soft and flexible PA 12. Depending on the type, polyamide products absorb different amounts of moisture, which in turn affect the properties of the nylon, as well as the dimensional stability of the finished processed part

The excellent balance of properties makes PA polymer an ideal material for metal replacement in applications, such as:

  • Automotive parts
  • Industrial valves
  • Railway sleeper insulators
  • Other industrial uses

Lopigom uses PA in several applications to produce items and accessories for various sectors.