Pipes & bellows

Lopigom supplies moulded solutions of rubber pipes of various shapes and sizes made of application-specific materials.

The main use of Lopigom pipes is in the automotive and household appliance industries, in particular boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, which require pipes of various types for condensate management, the passage of wastewater or simply to connect corrugated pipes together.

The advantage of purchasing a Lopigom moulded pipe is that you can count on a robust product that can cope with the most complex shapes and bends.

Lopigom pipes often have inner sealing collars to ensure watertightness and prevent leakage.

The technical evolution of pipes are bellows.
It is common to associate the application of bellows with the suspension of motor vehicles, however, they can actually be used in a wide range of applications.
Lopigom’s technical department pays painstaking attention to the bends and thicknesses of the bellows in order to ensure a long service life at maximum performance

Bellow seals ensure the protection of moving parts against external elements such as dirt, while also preventing the leakage of lubricants and liquids in general. Moreover, bellows are able to absorb axial movements.

Lopigom pipes & bellows make it possible to meet the requirements of complex spaces while maintaining the fluid exchange function.