Lopigom follows a policy of constant process optimisation. Solid foundations to achieve continuous improvement.


Each project is meticulously developed, identifying the most competitive technologies and resources.


Rubber and plastic products with the support of specific presses to meet all technical and commercial requirements. Both hot and cold-runner injection, injection-compression moulding, two-component injection moulding, over-moulding, compression moulding.

Deburring and Grinding

Nitrogen deburring machines, tumblers and advanced tools in a modern, environmentally-friendly department enable surface, functional and aesthetic requirements to be achieved.


Completion of the second vulcanisation process (post-curing) of rubber products using industrial furnaces thanks to which the physical and mechanical properties of the products are both fixed and improved.

Surface treatments

Reducing the friction co-efficient, facilitating assembly, improving the barrier effect, increasing performance in dynamic applications, are only some of the requirements Lopigom meets by treating its products with micro-cleaning processes as well as Plasma, PTFE, Talc, Silicone Emulsions, Molykote, Graphite coatings and many more besides.

100% inspection

To achieve ‘Zero Defects’, every part is checked using modern video inspection technology carried out by qualified personnel. Mechanical tests and trials are conducted according to the specifications of each product.