All technical items developed and manufactured by Lopigom are used in a wide variety of application sectors in civil and industrial projects where technical rubber items are both for static and dynamic uses, such as sealing support or even for improved aesthetics.

Lopigom manufactures O-Rings in various sizes and compounds, all in compliance with the major industrial standards.

The Company also manufactures many rubber items such as membranes, frames, suction cups, washers, collars, fairlead items, and all types of injection and compression moulded products.

Its customer-centric approach led the Company to manufacture on request fully customized rubber products suitable for any need.

Custom-made technical rubber items

We listen to our customers

Lopigom's technical experts work with the customer to meet every request and create the ideal solutions that meet all the requirements without compromise.


Before manufacturing, the Company creates a prototype to review for possible changes starting from the technical drawing provided by the customer.


Thanks to important collaborations and know-how gained over the years, the Company takes advantage of special molds that allow the manufacturing of every component quickly to guarantee fast delivery of rubber products to the customer.

Why choose rubber?

Rubber is the most widely used material for manufacturing industrial technical items and sealing gaskets. Products made of this material can be used in a variety of sectors with different applications.

Rubber provides high flexibility and is often strengthened using various compounds and additives to increase its properties further.
Many technical rubber items differ in size, weight, and characteristics. They are mainly used in the industrial and commercial sectors, but in some cases, they are used to make consumer components and everyday products.
These are often components used within machinery, such as sealing rings and o-rings.
Our professionals can provide specific recommendations in selecting the optimal product to meet the customer’s specific needs.