Thermoplastic elastomers

One of Lopigom's specialisations for over 10 years, the development of 'Vulcanised Thermoplastic' components, known as thermoplastic elastomers, is widely recognised on the market.

Plastic injection technology at the service of products with hybrid characteristics combining rubber and plastic.

Examples include pressure gauge covers or smartphone covers: these are commonly thought of as being ‘rubber’ or ‘silicone’, yet they are actually thermoplastics containing elastomer bases.

As an alternative to rubber, Lopigom manufactures numerous thermoplastic elastomer components for applications where aesthetics prevail over functionality.
Examples include grommets, pads and plugs found inside cars both in the glove compartment and in arm rests but also inside doors and as supports in the boot.

Plus: medical-grade santoprene and food-grade TPV products for healthcare and food & beverage applications.

Thanks to developments in material-related R&D, Lopigom also produces sealing in high hardness thermoplastics for special high-pressure seals.