VMQ is an elastomeric material consisting of silicone, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Resistance to extreme temperatures and flexibility at low temperatures are specific characteristics of silicone rubber compounds.

VMQ silicone rubber is a highly versatile elastomer used in various sectors.

Due to precipitated silica forming a reinforcing filler, this material has hardness and mechanical properties that make it suitable for static and dynamic applications.

Silicones have excellent resistance at temperatures <200°C. Some special compounds can also withstand higher temperatures. The preservation of silicone’s properties at high temperatures is higher than most other elastic materials.

The main characteristics of VMQ rubber compounds

Excellent breaking strength and elongation

Resistance to permanent deformation

Very high air and gas impermeability


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 VMQ rubber applications

Silicone compounds are very clean and are used in various food and medical applications because they are odorless and flavorless.

VMQ rubber has natural fire resistance and produces toxic-free combustion emissions.

Lopigom uses VMQ rubber compounds to manufacture different seals and other components for applications in multiple sectors. VMQ silicone seals are our flagship product.